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Sikorsky's Exotic S-97 Raider Spins Its Rotors For The First Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sikorsky's S-97 Raider spun its rotors and pusher propeller for the first time today. Although the innovative light attack and scout chopper does not have a customer yet, its technology aims to replace the vast majority of the Army's helicopter fleet while offering double the speed and greater range.


Originally the S-97 was meant to replace the suddenly put out to pasture OH-58D Kiowa Warrior fleet. With the Apache AH-64E and unmanned aircraft now filling the Kiowa's role, the S-97 has no real buyer, but Sikorsky's high-speed multi-role chopper (it can hold six troops as well as sling Hellfire missiles and rockets) is more relevant now than ever. As a result its sales status could change, both in the export market or right here at home.

Regardless of the lack of official customers, the S-97 is based around the same technology as the larger SB-1 Defiant design that is being pitched by Sikorsky and Boeing against Bell's tilt-rotor V-280 Valor to fullfill the potentially ultra-lucrative Future Vertical Lift/Joint Multi Role helicopter requirement.


This initiative, which was at one time somewhat analogous to the one-size-fits-all F-35 program, aimed at replacing the Blackhawk, Apache, Kiowa Warrior and even portions of the Chinook fleet in the coming decades with a common helicopter platform. Now, the Army seems to be open to using different sized airframes built around the same common technology (coaxial rotor with pusher prop design or a tilt-rotor design) for the very different reconnaissance/attack and transport roles. The S-97 could be an off-the-shelf solution for the Reconnaissance/attack role if team Sikorsky-Boeing wins the contract, although they also have a AH-1 Cobra-like model specifically to take the Apache's attack chopper role.

A flyoff competition between the two teams for the JMR/FVL program will occur in 2017, that is if funding for a new and more expensive replacement for the Blackhawk, Apache and Chinooks is not totally unobtainable by that time. In the meantime, the S-97 Raider should be whizzing around the skies later this year.

This is concept art of the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant


Bell's V-280 Valor design

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