Sign On With This Seattle Tech Company And Get A Tesla Model 3

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As you know, signing on with prestigious tech companies usually means a very handsome signing bonus. But sometimes a fat check just isn’t good enough. Sometimes, a Tesla Model 3 becomes in the incentive.


Seattle-based tech company Axon, which makes body cams for police departments, said this week that it will buy a Tesla Model 3 for new hires, reports The Seattle Times. Not just any new hire, though. The car will only be offered to qualified hires for some of Axon’s positions, like full stack engineers and web developers. And only after they’ve worked 90 days at the company can they sign up for a car waiting list.

For existing employees, a Model 3 is in the realm of possibility as well if they refer three people for “critical roles that Axon ends up hiring.” Furthermore:

...Axon thinks it’s worth offering as a job lure considering how much it generally costs to acquire a new employee and the value that person brings to the company...

The base price of a Tesla Model 3 is $35,000, but after a bunch of options and add-ons, the price can reach $60,000. I wonder how Axon would spec out its Model 3s for employees?

Sounds good, right? Get a job, free car?

But perhaps the biggest drawback to this is that fulfilling orders for the Model 3 might stretch into 2020. Think you can wait that long?

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Really more of a 5-year plan than an incentive, then.