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We were listening to the amazing sinister post-surf, half South-Bay Harcore picking of John Reis and Rick Froberg, trying to find an automotive analogue to the noise that those two made over the five years the late, lamented Hot Snakes were together. And we have found only one answer. It is the Corvette Mako Shark concept of 1961. Harbinger of the C2, the Mako was designed by the legendary Larry Shinoda under the watch of the even more legendary Bill Mitchell. Legend has it, Mitchell wanted the concept's paint job to match a mounted shark he had in his office. When they couldn't get the paintjob right, the Mako crew eventually stole the fish and painted it to match the car. Where did that Detroit go? Apparently, given the state of some places we've been lately, America will settle for less.

Coming Soon: V6 Corvette? [Internal]