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I never thought I would but I went out an bought a Honda Civic. It’s not a Type-R or even an Si. It’s a regular ol’ 2008 Honda Civic EX. I drive a lot and I wanted something I didn’t have to worry about. Please don’t hurt me in the comments.

It takes the place of my rapidly aging 1996 Toyota Camry as not only my daily driver but also the most “normal” car that I own. It’s not fast, flashy or particularly interesting in any way.

Normcore cars can be great for a few reasons. They’ll never draw unwanted attention to themselves. No one will try to race you at a stop light if you drive a Corolla. They can also serve as a blank canvas to do whatever when it comes to performance or aesthetics. Regular Car Reviews has made an entire career out of documenting and “reviewing” the less exciting parts of automotive history.

What part of your fleet doesn’t really stand out? Show us your cars that stay out of the limelight.