Show Us Your Most Bonkers Rolls-Royce Interiors

In case you weren’t aware, Rolls-Royce’s online configurator is the planet’s best online configurator. If you’re sick of the miserable, grayscale “rainbows” of non-color offered by lesser makes like BMW or Mercedes, the dazzling array of options available to the discerning Roller buyer will delight you.


We got turned on to this configurator from this Opposite Lock post, so thanks for that!

Sure, there’s fun stuff you can do to the outside of the car, but the real madness is on the inside; Rolls-Royce lets you pick the color for almost every single separate bit of leather-slathered interior, and the color palette you can pick from is deliriously varied and vast.

Playing around a bit gets you wonderfully unhinged results like this; now I want to see what you pack of loons can come up with. Show us either the most sublime, achingly beautiful combinations of color that say more about the human condition than countless books on the subject, or just make something so alarming it’ll push anyone who enters the car into a chasm of candy-colored madness.


Go nuts. And show us the resulting nuts, please!

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