Show Us Your Favorite Scale Model Cars

A good portion of car-enthusiastic folks are serial collectors, myself included. I have collections of car literature, automotive-themed toys and games, and the walls of my office are littered with automotive posters, calendars, and other ephemera. In addition to the collection of busted cars I have in my back yard, I also like to gather large quantities of smaller scale cars as well. I know I’m not alone in this.

Personally, I like to buy scale models of one-off manufacturer specials or racing cars, because there is no conceivable way I’ll ever get the opportunity to own the 1:1 scale version. I use diecast models as a way of appreciating the form of a Qatari Sheikh’s gold Porsche 959, or the BMW Z4 that won the IMSA championship in 2014. I also tend to buy in 1:43rd scale, primarily because they take up less room than 1:18th, and they are often less expensive.

What are your diecast favorites? What scale do you nerd out about? Does your collection have a theme? Show them off right here and now.

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