Show Us Your Christmas Tree Transport Solutions


Whether you’re getting into the holiday spirit or you’re a soldier in the war on Happy Honda Days, many Americans have already hauled their dead evergreens into their homes to decorate them with shiny plastic and memory-ascribed baubles. Some cool car folks are not above strapping their tree to the roof of their car, super or otherwise, in order to tote it home. What’s the fun in having it delivered or renting a pickup?

I personally have a fake 3-foot plastic tree in my home, largely due to my own laziness, though I tell everyone it’s my incredible practicality taking over. Therefore, I don’t have a cool picture of a Christmas tree strapped to the roof of my Porsche, and I must live vicariously through all of your awesome photos. Yesterday, Alex asked to see your winter beaters, but this time I want to see your rad rides that you aren’t afraid to haul out during winter to bring a tree home. Let’s see what you’ve got.

To kick things off, here are a few awesome examples floating around social media right now, including a sweet video of the McLaren F1 GTR seen above.



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Just had to get it from the garage to the house, so this worked.