What Should Go Into Next Year's NASCAR Throwback Race?

NASCAR’s throwback theme for the Southern 500 is one of the best one-offs I’ve ever seen in racing. Fans love the look back at the sport’s history, and it’s even prompted us to go down a rabbit hole browsing old photos of cool race cars. If this isn’t already going to be a yearly tradition, it should be.


Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of dwelling too long on the past, but it’s pretty awesome to bring back all the old liveries, old commentators and polyester suits as a one-off. Shoot, I’d love to see other series follow suit! So, what would you like to see in next year’s throwback race?

Aside from the obvious answer of “Jeff Gordon’s rainbow car,” I’m kind of in love with this old Flintstones-themed Chad Little car. Cartoon Network! The timesuck of my childhood! How could it get any better?

What would you include in future throwback races?

(Yes, NASCAR. This is your very obvious hint that you should do this again next year.)


Photo credit: Getty Images

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