SHOW US: The Most Ridiculous Racing Sponsorships Of All Time

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Say what you will about Dogecoin sponsoring Josh Wise's No. 98 Ford in NASCAR, but sometimes you gotta take money wherever you can get it. No matter who is offering it. And there have been plenty out there that are a lot worse than an inarticulate canine.


Take Boudreaux's Butt Paste, which is actually just a cream for babies to prevent diaper rash and sponsored racer and former middle school principal Kim Crosby in 2004. The product itself isn't terribly ignoble, but... it's called Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I'm not sure I'd want my car to be smeared with butt paste, no matter who it came from.


And Dogecoin itself isn't that bad of a sponsor, when you think about it. Not only did Wise pay for his car through crowdfunding, a strategy more racers should be keen to use in the future, but he's getting more attention just for doing so. More attention leads to more sponsorships, which leads to more racing, ergo, ipso facto, nunc est bibendum, Dogecoin = more racing. The math couldn't be simpler.

Plus, Dogecoin's done a bunch of charity work. Overall, it's not the worst community in the world to associate with.

But surely there are worse racing sponsorships out there than poor Kim and her butt paste. Show us the most ridiculous ones in the comments below!

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Depend adult diapers sponsored Nascar's Juan Pablo Montoya last year.