Show Us The Most Obscure Car Themed Websites

Earlier today, we dove into the mystery behind—a webpage that isn’t owned by the automaker, but instead a man with serious beef with said automaker. The website is one of the odder automotive-related webpages, but there’s more out there.

Another interesting site, (founded by Mike Levine who is now Ford PR) turned 23 today. But that isn’t that out there. We can dive deeper. What are some of the more obscure car websites you used to visit, still visit, or know about?


Perhaps it’s a fan forum for a specific model of car, or maybe an online shrine to a dead and gone automaker—or something even weirder, like a website detailing one man’s eight-year lawsuit against what has become the largest automaker in the world.

Share your obscure sites below! Let’s get weird, that’s what the internet is for.

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