The French might be struggling a bit with getting their mojo back at the moment, but let's not forget that we would be nowhere without French cars. They not only invented the internal combustion engine (and then put it in a boat), but were also the pioneers of motor sports, and the creators of the Renault-Matra Avantime.


It's no wonder that even our very own Matt Hardigree asked for a bit of baguette on the American car manufacturer's table just to shake things up a little. That's what the French do: they make fantastic cheeses which will shake up your tastebuds, and while those are maturing, they go and piss off the English and the Germans, shaking their blood pressure up. They also make great wines and champagnes, and some less impressive ones which they manage to sell as well thanks to reputation of the great ones. Either way, a few bottles of those will shake everything up. So where does the urge to have an affair is coming from? This is where...

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