Nearly every race or test session today has been a wet one, so let’s go back in time and watch some stellar wet drives. Who had the best wet race of all time?

Formula One coverage in 1984 seems to have the same issue as today’s coverage: far too much time gets dedicated to the leader of the race, and interesting battles towards the back of the field don’t get nearly the amount of airplay they deserve.


It’s easy to tell that something insane was happening at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, though. Ayrton Senna was catching up to Alain Prost’s McLaren in the lead in a backmarker Toleman-Hart that no one ever expected to get anywhere near the podium.

Fortunately, the documentary Senna did a good job of summarizing Senna’s unlikely podium for us, adding more context to the last ten laps from the BBC at the top of this post:

Senna finally caught Prost as the race was red-flagged and ended early, but he still celebrated his drive as if he had won. He ultimately ended up finishing second, but second place on a giant puddle of a track in one of the slower cars there makes this one of the most legendary drives of all time. Senna had started from 13th on the grid.

The BBC, of course, speculated that “French timing” may have had a hand in red-flagging the race before Senna could pass to the French driver. Some things never change, indeed.

What are your favorite wet drives of all time? Which one is the best? Show us in the comments below.


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