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Driving and disassembling the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler at Easter Jeep Safari really got me high on “heritage” this week. One of the vehicle’s cutest features is the “4 WHEEL DRIVE” badge on the back, which is supposed to remind us of a Willys CJ-3A. Where else have you seen awesome 4WD badges?

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The Toyota FJ’s is still my perennial favorite “fourbie” badge; the one with the big red “4” that people have been replicating to mount on late model FJ Cruisers. It looks awesome on almost any Toyota. I’ve thought about sticking one on my Tundra but, for $40, I’m probably just going to keep thinking about it.

Now that I know there are at least two visually interesting 4WD badges, I’m hoping you all are chomping at the bit to show me some more I’ve never seen.

Drop them into the comments. Bonus points if you including a link to where I can buy it—my desk and tailgate could both use some decorating.

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