Show Us The Best Bachelor's Sports-Mobile

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Bachelors! They like sporty cars. Sports-mobiles, if you will. But what's the best sports-mobile for bachelors to drive?


Car manufacturing today is just amazing, as Founder of Gawker Nick Denton said in this outtake from his recent Playboy interview where he compares Kinja to automaking:

The goal of Kinja is to take the monolithic media experience and allow it to be repackaged for different audiences. So you could have the same article which is published on Valleywag for the Silicon Valley power elite, published on Gawker for the haters of the new gilded elite of the country. Think about car manufacturing. They take the same platform — I think it's the chassis or the wheelbase, maybe — you take that wheelbase and then you put a different surface on it and that can make you a family hatchback or an executive saloon car or a bachelor's sports-mobile or whatever. But the efficiencies are the same base system. Many of these internet businesses are all about that. There are efficiencies at the technology layer but then different manifestations of the product to different people.

So, what is a bachelor's sports-mobile? And what would be the finest bachelor's sports-mobile you can buy today?


Anything with this logo on it...

60% of the time, it works every time.