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Yesterday evening, NASCAR revealed that Penske Racing driver A.J. Allmendinger is now indefinitely suspended from competition after he tested positive for a banned substance.


His only chance for reinstatement is to complete a drug rehabilitation course.

But NASCAR still hasn't said what exactly that banned substance is. We only believe it to be a stimulant because Allmendinger's camp said that's what it was.

But couldn't it be something else entirely? If NASCAR doesn't reveal the results of the test, we'll never know. Jenna Fryer, the AP's ace NASCAR reporter, has made a good case that NASCAR needs to be transparent with drug infractions.

While sports like football and basketball are also fairly secretive when it comes to drug testing, NASCAR (and racing in general) involves drivers trusting competitors with machines that can end up becoming weapons.


Fryer argues that the drivers deserve to know the risks that they could have faced when a driver tests positive. On the flip side, there is now a cloud over A.J. Allmendinger as well. Some people will assume he's a meth addict while others will speculate that his energy drink endorsement was to blame.


Reportedly, the sample was just nanograms above NASCAR's tolerance for a banned substance.

If you're going to accuse a driver of something serious enough to warrant an indefinite suspension, the fans and other drivers should also know what the exact infraction was.


But what do you think? Should NASCAR release the exact details of the positive test or keep it secret?

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