Shithead Who Crashed Bugatti Into Lake In Trouble With The Law Again

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Not content to simply face a year in prison for fraud after intentionally crashing a Bugatti Veyron into a lake, notorious dingleberry Andy House has been indicted again. This time, a Ford GT is involved.

According to the indictment, House somehow got $200,000 from someone in order to purchase a 2005 Ford GT for them, and the vehicle never actually made it to the purchaser.


It’s not clear if this is linked to that copycat-color 2006 Ford GT he was trying to sell for a cool $1 million a couple months ago.

House was indicted on first-degree charges of theft as well as misapplication of fiduciary funds. House turned himself in to the Smith County Jail on Friday and posted a $100,000 bond, as KTRE News reports.

If you see him in the area, look out for pelicans.


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