Shipbuilder Photoshops Luxury Icebreaking Megayacht Backwards

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Can you spot what’s wrong with this render?

This is the design for a new luxury megayacht icebreaker proposed during the recent Monaco yacht show. gCaptain reports it is a “collaboration between Dutch luxury superyacht builder AMELS and DAMEN, a Netherlands-based shipbuilder specializing in a wide-range of commercial and public-sector vessels from harbor and terminal tugs to offshore vessels and security and defense.”

The ship is to be called SeaXplorer, should be 65-100 meters long, and as you can see from the image above, it can cut ice with its butt. Good views for the helipad back there.

Illustration for article titled Shipbuilder Photoshops Luxury Icebreaking Megayacht Backwards

Here is the stock image the render is based on, which shows an icebreaker in Antarctica pointing in the correct direction.

UPDATE: The double hull of the SeaXplorer is supposed to be so tough that the ship will be able to break ice with its butt after all, as gCaptain reports. “Among many notable features, the SeaXplorer line is built to be Polar Code compliant, with a reinforced, double-acting hull capable of breaking ice stern-first without impacting the vessel’s overall seakeeping ability while on long-hauls.”

Photo Credits: AMELS and DAMEN (render), Shutterstock/Footage.Pro (stock image)

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Fun story about ice breakers: they are often dual hull designs (and ice breaking bow and keel on one end and an open water bow and keel on the other) because icebreaker hulls are terrible in open water so they are designed to turn around in open water and sail one way and then flip around completely when they get to the ice and sail into the ice the other. This is actually a fact. I’m not sure if this is how this shop is designed though

Normally open water sailing is backwards and ice breaking is forward but given this is a yacht they may assume it’s going to spend a lot more time in open water than in the ice and did it backwards