I was drawn to this lovely new Mustang because it has these stunning forest green stripes. No one uses British racing green anymore unless it’s a retro-themed Lotus or something. Turns out, these stripes are more Canadian than Timbits and poutine combined, and they just won pole position for their class.

Canadian Ford evil geniuses Multimatic run the car, and a Ford spokesperson explained that the green is a throwback to the stripes on the Comstock GT40s of yore. Comstock was a Canadian team who ran lovely white GT40s with forest green stripes. Given Multimatic’s involvement with the new Ford GT, this just works.


We all know the Jalopnik bump is a thing, but perhaps the Comstock throwback Ford rode the Bunny butt bump to a pole position today. Either way, it’s proven to be quick. Ford opted not to debut the car earlier because they’d rather show up with a proven, complete race car that would be quick out of the box, hence the mid-year Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge debut.

The number 15 car of Scott Maxwell and Billy Johnson had to be made to match its brother car, #158, hence the stripes running down the middle.


Will the GT run as well out of the box as this car? We hope so. It certainly looks the part.

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