The Shelby Cobra has celebrated its 50th anniversary at least twice now, but next year marks the introduction of the 427 model, and Shelby is building 50 new examples to commemorate the occasion, starting at just under $120k.


The 50 427s will carry the serial numbers CSX4550 through CSX4599 and are available in either fiberglass ($119,995) or aluminum bodies ($179,995). If you're a cheapskate you only get one color combo (blue and white), but if you option for the aluminum body you can have your Shelby polished into a very expensive, very fast mirror.

Obviously, there will be badges. Gold 50th anniversary logos are slapped on the hood and the trunk and the interior, while the inside is slathered in leather and aluminum. The chassis gets stiffened and the underpinnings are upgraded with a dual A-arm suspension mounted to coil-overs and fitted with larger brakes.

Orders begin January 13 at 10 AM PT. Make sure you're financial planner is on speed-dial.

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