This 22-year-old college graduate in Chongqing, China, parked her mom's $327,000 Maserati in the middle of the street. You won't believe the reason she gave for why she did this.

CarNewsChina (along with many other Chinese media sites) reports that Ms. Xiu told the responding traffic policeman that she parked the car right between the lines, just like all the other cars on the four-lane road. The policeman pointed out that those cars were parked behind the white lines on the edge of the road, whereas she was parked on the yellow lines in the middle, which do not designate a parking area.

No, I am not making this up.

The Maserati (which starts at 200 million yuan, or nearly $327,000 over there) was left out in the street for about an hour, witnesses stated. Ms. Xiu was let off with a warning.


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