Seven Second Starlets

From the giant turbo bolted to a rotary engine and stuffed into a small rear-wheel drive car department comes this video of two heavily modified Toyota Starlets tossing it up out on the drag strip. The red Starlet in this video is also known as La Atrevida. Under its hood is a 1995 Mazda 13B rotary that packs just 1.3 liters of displacement, yet kicks out almost 750 horsepower thanks to near 40 pounds of boost. The proof? On the timeslip, and in this video. Behold the sight and sound of angry rotary Starlets and the people that love them.

SUPER HATCHBACK AMUSEMENT! 1994 Starlet Grand Cup; Crazed Gremlin! [Internal]


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It's the bridge it or hate it its a distinctive 'brap brap brap' sound. At those levels of boost and that sized porting those definitely don't qualify for anything streatable. But damn, those are some insane numbers.

Rotary's definitely have their niche, normally aspirated they are nearly bullet proof high rpm goodness for the road. Under 15lbs of boost and a little bit of mild porting and they make great street racers that last a 'reasonable' amount of time. Crazy high end tuned bridge ported, crazy boosted mad engines like those probably don't last much longer than any typical funny car engine, but its probably one of the least expensive ways to get seriously low numbers.

Oh, and I think a good mildly ported turbocharged rotary with decent exhaust system sounds pretty nice.