SEV Solar Roof Makes Prius Even More Prius-y

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For those that just can't get green enough, here comes a new accessory that will make your Prius even more deadly. The SEV Solar Roof Module is essentially that. What makes this vehicular solar panel a bit better than the average bear is the fact that it installs seamlessly onto the Toyota Prius roof. The entire roof-panel is replaced with these solar cells and can provide 20 miles of electric range as well as upward of 29-percent increased fuel efficiency. This module is capable of fitting 2004 through 2006 Prius models. Watch out, deaf kids! [SEV via TFRJ]

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I'm with the minority here is saying that this is a rather cool piece of kit. I wouldn't buy a Prius because I enjoy driving way too much to sacrifice the daily joys it brings me - but, this makes complete sense for the demographic that already buys Prii.

I never look at green-tech as money-saving devices. Unfortunately, in order to get more people onboard, the cost aspect is what is marketed. The way I think about it - we live in a mostly free market and if green-tech was cheaper, it would be dominant. It isn't ... and so oil wins the numbers game. Atleast for now. Green-tech has to be looked at as being environmentally friendly and not as only a way to save money. Because, the impact on the environment of our oil-drinking habits isn't easily monetized...

I work at a "certain" campus where all the shuttles are Prii. Plenty of driving at 25 mph with lots of stops. I, for one, am very glad they moved away from the Ford Winstar that preceeded the Prius here.

Personally, I would be very glad to see Toyota offer this as a factory option. (More oil for me old e30 then)