Set Your Doom Cult Calendars Now: Pagani Claims V12 Will Last Till 2026

The V12 in question. Photo Credit: Pagani
The V12 in question. Photo Credit: Pagani

Will there be a world after V12 Paganis? Your doom cult based around this premise now has a hard date to work with.


The news comes to us from Autocar, which interviewed the Argentine himself in a typically fuzzy CEO interview. Horacio Pagani, among other things, said that he’d be open to do an SUV if it was of the “highest quality,” whatever that means, and he said that he is working on an electric vehicle but didn’t actually reveal any specs or hard plans. What was definite, though, was his timeline for the company’s signature Mercedes-sourced V12. From Autocar:

“This next model will have a similar philosophy. It will have a traditional combustion engine, a new-generation Mercedes-AMG V12 twin-turbo,” he said. “We have a very close relationship with Mercedes already and this new V12 engine will be homologated until 2026.”

It’s hard for me to find clarity here. Is it that I don’t know if Pagani is saying that he will do everything he can to keep V12 cars in production until 2026, when he expects the world will end already, or is it that he suspects that the Earth itself will stop spinning without their howling wail reaching for the heavens?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Kurt Bradley

We get to enjoy this view for many more years. This makes me happy.