Sergio Marchionne Is Chopping Dicks Over The Chrysler 200

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The Chrysler 200's back seat isn’t exactly easy to get in and out of. Part of that is because it was made by Chrysler, which has a track record of questionable decisions. But the real reason is because the entry point was copied by “dummies” from the Hyundai Sonata (???), according to Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. But don’t worry, because those people have since been stripped of their genitalia (?????).


Marchionne, Jalopnik’s unabashed favorite automotive executive because of his penchant for REAL TALK and deep, burning desire to mind-meld with damn near anyone, acknowledged what Consumer Reports found about the car’s back seat – it kinda sucks – and told Automotive News the reason why (emphasis mine):

“The 200 failed because somebody thought that the rear-seat entry point inside the 200 — which is our fault, by the way — is not up to snuff,” Marchionne said.

The problem: The slope of the roof crimps the entry portal.

Then the boss explained what went wrong. “The Hyundai which we copied [presumably the Sonata] has the same problem,” Marchionne admitted. “We didn’t copy the car, we copied the entry point to the rear seat. Dummies. I acknowledge it. Some people from design left some of their private parts on the table after we came up with that determination. But I think we’re learning from this process.”

That automakers copy each others cars all the time is pretty much the industry’s worst kept secret (you’re gonna seriously try to tell me that the Mustang and the Camaro, on paper, aren’t the same car? Fuck outta here).

But for The Man to admit himself is hilarious, and to then go and not only perform a bris, but to publicly celebrate it, as one should?

Good on you, Sergio. REAL TALK.

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This is why it failed: