Sending It Through Snow In An IH Scout: This Week's Virtual Off-Road Adventure

Like many of you, probably, I’ve gotten into video games since the coronavirus has closed down much of society. Now, every Tuesday at 4 p.m. pacific time, you can hang with me on Twitch while I narrate virtual off-road adventures. Or, peep some highlights here and get an idea of what the heck I’m talking about.


Every week I’ve been playing some SnowRunner (which I reviewed in-depth... see link above) and share my stream link so you can all hang out with me there. The video above is a highlight reel cut by our NYC video producers who are stuck inside without anything to film.

Since today is Tuesday, if you enjoyed the clip above at all but wish you could say hello or heckle me in real-time, you’re in luck because it turns out my Twitch channel is embeddable. This will be live for about an hour at 4 p.m.:

I was initially skeptical of the value of live streaming video games. I mean, on one hand, why? But I’ve discovered that streaming SnowRunner is actually a great vehicle for simultaneously entertaining and interacting with Jalopnik readers. And more importantly: It’s a great excuse to fire up my Xbox before the workday ends!


Ha, kidding, of course. (I’m pretty sure my boss reads these.) Joking aside, this off-road simulation game is realistic enough that I can talk about real-life off-road driving in a way that’s somewhat educational, but forgiving enough that it can be played casually while I answer any questions people decide to post in the chat.

We’re still experimenting with how to best share it with you. So far, I’m doing my little live show for approximately one hour every Tuesday at 4 p.m. pacific, which is 7 p.m. eastern, which seems to be a good time to relax and watch some game streaming on either coast. (I think I might have mentioned that already.)

After the show’s over, Jalopnik’s video producers have been cutting the episodes into little highlight reels. Seems kind of random, but, it also seems like people have enjoyed watching the few we’ve uploaded so far so we’re going to keep making these until we all get sick of it. You’re welcome!

Maybe in the future, we’ll post the highlight clip one day and I’ll drop the live stream in on another. As always–constructive compliments are welcome.

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