Senator Corker Comes To Detroit, Cavorts With Ze Germans

Senator Bob Corker, Nissan Republican, toured the Detroit Auto Show to talk to auto executives and Jalopnik in the video below. Note how much security he has around him.

Senator Corker, Republican of Tennessee, is not exactly popular around the Michigan area for saying controversial things about the American automotive industry. Today was no exception, with Corker saying Chrysler needs to merge or die, which is probably less of a command than a statement of reality.


Corker is famous, or infamous depending on where you are, for leading the charge against the rescue package in the Senate because of his request for a date-certain for when the Unions would be required to take action and drop wages. Eventually, President Bush passed a similar plan but without a date certain.

After speaking with GM executives (Maximum Lutz snuck out a side door when he arrived) and touring the Volt, Corker moved on to Volkswagen. Why VW? Because they're building a gigantic plant there. We asked, under the circumstances, if he'd be better referred to as a Volkswagen Republican. His reply in the video above.

Either way, it was a well-timed event for Corker has he was there on the day with the most reporters and the least to report on. Thus explaining the crazy cluster of journalists around him.