SEMA 2007: Quadracycle!

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Attempting to move quickly away from the country karaoke guy sitting and singing Eastbound and Down to electronic accompaniment from PA mounted to the lift gate of his pickup found us in short proximity of the none other than the Bourget's Bike Works Quadracycle. Passerby reaction seemed to be split between man that's over the top, and boy that makes more sense than a V8 motorcycle. All agreed to wanting to put that hammer down twist the throttle and give it hell.

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No Kids Just Bikes

This and the Bombardier/Sea Doo/Can Am three wheeler are ridiculous. All of the lack of safety of a motorcycle on a vehicle you can't split lanes on. The power-to-weight coupled with the additional grip (relative to a motorcycle) should produce some excellent handling if you didnt have to worry about fighting gravity just to stay mounted on the machine. For an enthusiast an Ariel Atom or se7en would be a far better choice.

This, however, would be the ideal choice for redneck lottery winners who already thought that bourget/occ/whatever bikes were purdy fuggin wonderous to begin with, but were afraid of the whole two wheels thing. Good for them though, as that population could use a little culling.