Segway-Killing Toyota Winglet Enters Production Priced At $3,500

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Toyota is putting its sex toy-like Winglet personal transportation device into production, with limited sales beginning this year. For just $3,500 you can look as ridiculous as a Segway owner.

Cars have always been associated with sex — literally in the design of Ferraris and culturally in the importance of back seat mating rituals. It looks like the Winglet, in its attempt to reduce personal transportation to its bare essence, is also dropping any sexual innuendo in favor of barefaced literalness. The Toyota Winglet looks dildo-like.


Just 25 Toyota Winglets are destined for sale in 2009 in a trial run that will include factories, airports and parks. Full scale production is projected to begin in 2010.

The Winglet compares favorably to the Segway not just in its ability to serve as a “personal massager” but in its $3,500 price (Segway: $5,300+) and 22-pound weight (Segway: 105 Lbs +).

Toyota envisions uses ranging from security in public places to speedy inter-office transportation for on-the-go execs. Like the Segway, the Winglet won’t be road-legal in either Japan or the US and most places will ban it from sidewalks, so Toyota forecasts most sales will be to companies with large campuses or to public services with large areas to cover. [MSN Japan via The Scooter Scoop]

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