Seemingly Good Citizen Ruins Moment By Being An Asshole

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After an inattentive driver cuts off this motorcyclist while simultaneously dropping his wallet, the biker takes the high road, picking up the wallet and trying to give it back. Don’t worry, the situation turns vindictive in the end.

The pilot of this little silver econobox is obviously way too spaced out to be driving, as evidenced by his blindly merging onto the main road with his stuff still sitting on the roof of his car.


I’d say he was probably texting or reading some really compelling website like but his phone was too busy clinging to the top of the car to be distracting him.

As a motorcyclist, I’m sure I’d be frustrated seeing some dingus come screaming into my lane like this. But I was glad to see the guy in this video was cool enough to pick up the wallet and run down its owner anyway.


Unfortunately the guy in the car seemed to think he was under attack (which, frankly, I can understand too) but pulls over before too long and seems appreciative. At least until the biker decides to go black hat after all and spikes the driver’s phone.

We all hate to see people driving like idiots, but when somebody screws you over on the road you’re basically never going to improve the situation by escalating it. And if you do... why upload the recording to the internet? Didn’t we just go over this?

Hat tip to James!

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I wouldn’t excuse the driver, either. He’s a dick. They’re both dicks. Everyone’s a dick.