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See WWII Warbirds Buzz The Hell Out Of St. Barth's Scary Little Airport

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Saint Barthélemy Airport is widely known as being one of the most extreme airports with regular commercial service in the world. As such, it is an unlikely place to see WWII fighters tearing up the overhead pattern and doing high-speed, ultra low-level flybys, but the Texas Flying Legends did just that back in 2011.

A detachment from the museum including a FG-1D Corsair, P-51D Mustang and P-40K Warhawk were sent to the Caribbean paradise to perform in an over-water air show and regalia. They also took some time in their amazing machines to barnstorm around the area, buzzing St. Barth’s Airport and doing some formation and low level flying over the turquoise blue water that makes the spot such a beloved playground for vacationers.

The low-level high-speed pass that the P-40 Warhawk makes alongside a sail boat is especially awesome.


Although the Texas Flying Legends gave St. Barth’s little airport an incredible show, the antique armada surely didn’t stage out of there, probably choosing St. Marteen’s Princess Juliana Airport’s long, relatively unobstructed, albeit even more famous, runway and facilities instead.


St. Barth’s Airport is so challenging that commercial pilots have to get a special clearance to land on its 2,100 foot runway that has a steep hill on one end and the picturesque Bay of St. Jean on the other. The whole arrangement is very volatile and there is simply no room for pilot error or hesitation.

Below is a highlight reel and a small film from the Texas Flying Legend’s same trip to the Caribbean. What an awesome setting for an air show and just look at all those gorgeous yachts and tall ships in the background:

Make sure to check out the Texas Flying Legends webpage, they do awesome work keeping flying history alive for all of us to enjoy.

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