See What Top Gear's Tanner Foust Can Do With 400 Horsepower To One Wheel

The Polaris Slingshot is not quite a car and definitely not a motorcycle, but it sure looks like a riot. Slap a turbocharger on the engine and a champion driver in the seat and it really roasts tires. Sorry, I mean “tire.”

This Slingshot SL was built specifically for this video by a shop called SlingStreet in Florida. That’s right; I guess there are already enough people buying and modifying these things to build businesses around!

Underneath a bunch of aesthetic work, SlingStreet fitted adjustable suspension at the corners and a Garett turbocharger to the GM 2.4 EcoTec engine. The computer controlling it has been modified by AEM to make the most of the added power.


Wheels are HRE three-piece all around, and that steamroller on the back is a whopping 22" and 11" wide.

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But with enough power and basically no weight over it, that rear wheel still gets spooled up something fierce as you can see in the video.

I have yet to drive a Slingshot myself, but our man Sean MacDonald was pretty wild about it and that was only in the stock-standard 173 horsepower version. Are any skeptics getting a little more stoked about this thing now that you know an aftermarket is beginning to blossom?

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