See the two sides of the 1977 Chevy Blazer

These days if a car company wants to showcase the interior and suspension components of a vehicle while it is driving down the road, the technology is readily available to do so. As this vintage Chevrolet Blazer commercial demonstrates, back in 1977 if you wanted to show off the interior and suspension components of your new vehicle there was only way to do it: cut it in half.

In 1977, Chevrolet clearly wanted everyone to know, there was more than one side to the Blazer. What better way to prove that point than showing two literal sides of the Blazer. Not only was it a capable off road machine (normal side) but it was also a people carrier with a smooth off road ride (cut open side). The resulting one off two face creation doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the Blazer's ability to do either, but it certainly looks cool.

One of the more disappointing parts of our modern day technological abilities is they replace the need to do things like cutting a perfectly good K5 Blazer in half in the name of advertising. Although we would rather drive a mint late 70s K5 Blazer than cut one in half, this advanced technology means the days of weird and gimmicky prop based automotive advertising are unfortunately behind us. At least we have commercials like this one featuring the two-faced Blazer to remind us of a time when automakers weren't afraid to cut their vehicles in half to prove a point.

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Even today, guys are still cutting Chevy Blazers in half, but for other purposes.