See The Story Behind One Man's Quest For The Ultimate Porsche 911 Collection

Magnus Walker might not look like the typical Porsche aficionado, but there is little room for doubt of the man's true P-car devotion after watching this video.

We found this teaser for the upcoming documentary "Urban Outlaw" which focuses on Walker and his collection of early 911s on Autoblog. After owning over 40 Porsches, Walker set a goal for himself to own an example of every year of the original 911 (1964-1973).

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Although he's still missing a 1973, we'd say he's well on his way to reaching his goal. Walker has put together many of the impressive 911s featured in this video himself. We can't wait to see "Urban Outlaw" in full and learn more about this unique man and his spectacular collection of vintage Porsches.


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What does Magnus Walker do for a living?

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