If you missed the celebration of 1980s and ’90s cars and coolness known as Radwood 2, don’t worry: You can travel back in time with us right now and become one with nostalgic radness in gloriously grainy period correct video!

Radwood is more than a car show, alright people? It’s an event. An old-school overload where 15-inch wheels and shoulder pads make you look like a boss and you better believe it’s hip to be square.

The idea came to life last summer when automotive podcasts Driving While Awesome!, Cammed & Tubbed and Clutchkick combined forces to celebrate what is generally considered the most unloved era of collector cars.

I think that’s about to change though, because enthusiasm for the first event was so strong that the original organizers rallied again for a sequel, Radwood 2, Presented By Jalopnik, which went down in Orange County last month.


I’m happy to have been a part of the event, get Jalopnik’s name on the awards and have had the chance to trot my $100 Nissan 300ZX out for some fans. So here’s a big thanks to everyone who helped organize this shindig, to everyone who came out, and of course, all of you who will be there for the next one!