We get a lot of flak at Jalopnik for sometimes ragging on Honda and Acura because their cars aren't quite as enthusiast-oriented as they were in their 1990s and early 2000s heyday. I'm about to rag on Honda for an entirely different reason: the music at the Honda Civic Tour has been, and continues to be, terrible.

If you're not familiar with the Honda Civic Tour, it's a series of live performances that goes around the country each year with a variety of bands whom "the youths" are purportedly fond of.


They bring a fancy new customized Honda Civic designed by the headlining band (or probably just their marketing people) along for the ride so they can hopefully sell some cars as well as annihilate eardrums. For 2014, it's three separate tours, not just one.

As you'll see in this chart, the thing about the Honda Civic Tour is that the bands are mostly horrible. Over the years, the headliners have included Blink-182, Everclear, Maroon 5, Blink-182 again, Maroon 5 again, Dashboard Confessional, a way-past-their-prime Linkin Park, and others. This year they have American Authors, the band that does that grating "Best Day of My Life" song you hear every five minutes on the radio.

I'll admit they got it right a few times. Incubus was a solid band around 2002. This year's lineup includes Tokyo Police Club, a group I rather like. I also secretly love that new song by Paramore, because I'm a 14-year-old girl on the inside.

The full chart is below. Think of it as a helpful reminder of the all the songs you've been meaning to delete from your iTunes collection.


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