See The Evolution Of The New Audi R8 With Super-Slider Tech

Now we've seen the 2016 Audi R8 in the flesh-metal-composite, we can use our reborn imageslidification technology to really see the differences in this redesign. As far as redesigns go, this is evolutionary instead of revolutionary, and I'm not quite sure exactly how I feel about it.


The R8 is still a striking-looking car, absolutely. The redesign has crisped things up, with more hard creases and edges than before, which all fits with how VW-Audi's design language has been maturing over the past few years. The strong horizontal-line theme of the front intakes is gone, replaced with the always-fun honeycomb, and some vertical strakes. There was something nice about the horizontal grille bars that emphasized the width of the car, and made the three front intake cutouts feel like a mask over a larger, full-width grille. That look is gone, replaced by Audi's new hexagonal grille and origami edges.

I actually do miss the full-height side blade, since that was such a major part of the old R8's visual identity. The contrasting-color side scoop and quarter-window panel suggest it, but I'm not certain why Audi abandoned such an iconic element.

The new R8 has restrained supercar looks, which is something of a contradiction, but I think it has a place. It makes its presence known without shouting, and there's certainly many people who will find that appealing. It's a strong design, though, if I'm honest, I may want something a bit more unhinged if I was looking for a car of this class.

Of course, I'm a bit of an idiot. Use that slider. Consider how you feel. Tell us what you think.


The older looks much better. Having said that, I'm so glad the slider is back.