See How A Mercedes G-Class, Suzuki Jimny And Jeep Wrangler Fare In A Three-Way Challenge

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G-Wagen, Jimny, or Jeep? Three squared-off boxes designed to keep going when the asphalt runs out and the going gets rutted. Despite their outward similarities, these three trucks have very different approaches to making the most of their off-road gifts, and the guys at CarWow put them all to the test.

The big contrast here is between the high power, high tech, and high weight of the nearly 600 horsepower G-Class against the diminutive and dirt-simple Suzuki Jimny. The Wrangler, equipped with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder, rounds out the trio as perhaps the most accessible of the three for American buyers, who can’t get the Jimny over here and for whom the G63 represents a lottery-winnings fantasy item.

Now, I do have some reservations about the criteria for this test. The format leaves a lot up to driving skill which would seem to favor the more technically advanced and powerful G-class over the manual-equipped Jimny and built-for-volume Jeep, but with a number of challenges, it seems like all three trucks have pros and cons out there in the mud.

Do you have a favorite of the three? One you’d rather take out on the trail? Let us know in the comments.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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Only issue I have is that last climb bit, he took the Jeep up first and took it rather tentatively, going up slowly then adding power as he was already climbing.

The other two, he seemed to have learned his lesson and drove up with a bit more speed before the climb started.