Secret Ohio Warplane Graveyard Unearthed

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Somewhere in northeast Ohio meadow sits massive throng of rusting 1950s military aircraft. Here's the story behind the incredible horde of aircraft, complete with aerial pictures. UPDATE

Michael Wendell was able to take his camera inside the site, which he says has not been added to since the early 1970s. He tells Telstar Logistics that the owner appears to be a hoarder, with pieces and materials stuffed inside several of the planes. The relics include the Vought F7U Cutlass above, a P-51 and a B-36.

Wendell's video suggests exposure to the Buckeye State elements hasn't been kind, and there's enough vegetation growing under and through some to suggest the planes may never move again.


Airplane Junkyard - Northeast Ohio from Michael Wendell on Vimeo.

UPDATE As several of our eagle-eyed commenters have noted, the site belongs to Walter Soplata. His son Wally wrote in 2007 that several of the planes once on the ground have been given to museums and restored, and that while the site was once open to visitors, it's been closed for several years.

Thanks to the magic of aerial photography, even if you don't live in Ohio you can still see what the site looks like today:

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(H/t to The Candy-VanCan!)

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Spiegel - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hopes to post on oppos!

Thousands of years from now, when our great-great-successors try to piece together our civilization, they find this place. They will find these beautiful ruins, even more covered in vegetation. As if they have become a part of the environment.

They will try to find a reason as to why these are here. They will try and decipher all its rotted levers and buttons, and what they were used for and they will come to one conclusion which in their eyes is the most simple and the most logical.

Nobody in the 21st century knew how to fly a damn plane.