Second Saaburu Greenlighted

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We were mildly disappointed when rumors of a new Saab concept appearing at the New York Auto Show last March failed to pan out. Instead, we satisfied our urge to heckle by throwing eggs at the Chevy 9-7x Trailblazer (the poor dear). Now Autocar is reporting Saab has ok'd production of the rumored vehicle — its latest rebadged Subaru, the 9-6x, a luxury SUV based on the Tribeca. Sources say the crossover SUV will be built by Subaru at its US factory in Indiana, starting next year, to the tune of around 15,000 annually. We'll be good, we promise. (Digital mockup courtesy of Autocar.)

Saab 9-6X gets the green light [Autocar]

New Saab-uru May Be in the Offing [internal]


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