Sébastien Loeb Is A V-Twin Rider

The rally champ signed on as brand ambassador for Indian Motorcycles, but is there more to it?

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Photo: Indian Motorcycles

Seb Loeb has been having a really good year in 2022. Not only did he kick ass at the Dakar Rally by coming in second overall, but he followed that up with a Rallye Monte Carlo win and this weekend past secured his fifth Race Of Champions victory. Considering he’s 47 years old, and quasi-retired three years ago, the guy is on fire! And now comes the news that he’s signed a partnership with Indian Motorcycles as the company’s new brand ambassador.

While that news is interesting enough in itself to warrant a “huh, that’s neat” response, I’m curious if it doesn’t mean we won’t see the rally champ doing something more competitive on two wheels in the near future. I mean, when you’ve conquered WRC, Pikes Peak, the Dakar, touring cars, rally raid, rallycross, and sports cars, what else is there to prove? I know I’d be interested in seeing Loeb swing a leg over an Indian flat tracker, or maybe a King of the Baggers bike. I mean, how cool would that be?


You may not know this, but Loeb is passionately involved in two-wheeled motorsport as well, largely as a hobbyist. He has previously competed in everything from moped races to superbike races to off-road enduros in the recent past. Whether on dirt or paved circuits, he’s comfortable enough on two wheels that it would be fun to see him run even if it were only in an exhibition capacity.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Sébastien Loeb, who is a charismatic and talented personality. During our meeting, I discovered a real enthusiast, of cars of course, but also of two-wheelers, especially motorcycles with character like the FTR. I am very happy with this new partnership which goes against the grain of Sébastien’s traditional universe. Basing this partnership on the Indian FTR is a natural fit, it is a motorcycle with a unique style and performance, everything that Sébastien was looking for in his future motorcycle.” Pierre Audoin – Indian Motorcycle National Manager, France.

“I am very happy to collaborate with Indian, I am seen more often behind the wheel than the handlebars, but I have always ridden to experience different sensations. I love riding whenever I get the chance, whether on the track or on the road, and the FTR has all the qualities necessary to have fun at any pace. In addition to the motorcycle, the spirit and the universe of Indian Motorcycle are part of a great openness and originality, and that suits me well.” Sébastien Loeb – Indian Motorcycle Ambassador


As it turns out, Indian has been winning French flat track championships in recent years as well, so it wouldn’t even take that much for the native Frenchman to attend such an event in his homeland. As a fan of Loeb and of Indian’s lovely FTR1200, I’d love to see these two worlds collide. Come on Indian, make it happen. And make sure you film it.