Sebastian Vettel Single Handedly Wins The Nations Cup Because He's Sebastian Vettel

Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel may have to settle for third all too often against more dominant cars in Formula One, but give him an equal playing field and he can destroy the field—by himself. After a fellow German had to retire from team competition, Vettel single handedly won Sunday’s Race of Champions Nations Cup in Miami.


While he entered the Nations Cup competition in the two-person team, Vettel was left to represent Germany by himself after teammate Pascal Wehrlein had to sit out due to a nasty wreck during the individual competition on Saturday. But he didn’t need a teammate, and Vettel took down NASCAR’s U.S. team of Kurt and Kyle Busch in the final round to prove himself to be, well, unstoppable.

And for entertainment value, here are a few tweets that may or may not have you rolling with laughter about just how unstoppable Vettel is:

But the tweets weren’t the best part of Vettel’s win, which made seven Nations Cup victories for Germany.

It was Vettel’s first Nations Cup title without Michael Schumacher as his teammate, and it was touching to hear what Vettel had to say about the recovering former F1 driver: that the two “started this journey together, [he] would have loved to have him here.”

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“It was Vettel’s first Nations Cup title without Michael Schumacher as his teammate”

He was just driving in the missing man formation. Forza Schumi!