There’s no escaping the glowing red spirit of the mirror realm. Not even in the new LaFerrari Aperta.

It sits in the darkness. Calls to him. He can’t help but be drawn to its possession. His eyes widen with the haunted spirit.

He tries to run, his physical body aware of the danger. But he can’t escape it. The spirit of Ferrari’s past is there. It follows him.

It’s there in the reflective eyes of a woman, who turns to face its presence. She hears its inter-dimensional roar.


It lurks in the glass of the buildings. In the city around him it lives, shadowing him in the windows, waiting. He needs to get out.


He fights hard, pushing back on the fighting beast, driving it away from the city. It can’t exist in the countryside, he thinks.

But there it is. Reflecting back at him in the polished tank of a fire-blood transporter.


Where is it taking him now? A racetrack. Surely he can escape it here. Surely he has the skill to outrun it. The power to fight and to win. He pushes, but it’s there, he can’t escape!


Finally, it releases him, but he’s not free. He will never be free. The possession glows red. He turns toward it, obedient. Staring back at him, there it is. The force of Ferrari controlling him through the mirror dimension, staring back at him. It’s familiar, but its intentions are sinister.

There is no escape.