Seattle Truck Blows Load, Empties Balls

A truck lost its load of metal balls yesterday afternoon, sending 44,000 pounds of projectiles gleefully bouncing down one of Seattle’s steep streets. Balls everywhere, what a mess!!!!!


The two-pound balls were on their way to Salt Lake City via truck to be used to grind down stone, KOMO reports. One viewer saw balls damage at least four cars on their merry trip downhill on 30th Avenue SW.

If you’ve ever smashed your finger in one of those wussy free weights at Jazzercise—and who among us hasn’t—you know that even small chunks of lead can really hurt when it strikes with enough force. Luckily it seems there were no injuries reported and damage seems to be minor. The driver of the truck, Robert Herman, told KOMO he called 911 as soon as he realized what was happening.

“I’m looking back and then I see all these balls and I said ‘Holy s**t!’” Herman told KOMO.

Holy shit indeed.

Herman said he’s just thankful the truck didn’t lose the load while going fast on the freeway, where the ricocheting two-pound balls would have put many more lives at risk. He did not comment on whether or not losing his load early was a habit or if it had happened before.


Police closed the road and crews took several hours cleaning up the mess.

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This is the best headline I’ve read in a while.