Scrolling Through Sale Listings for Race Tracks Is About to Be Your New Favorite Pastime

Image: LoopNet

Sometimes, you’re simply in dire need of online entertainment, but your list of websites to refresh has gone stale. No one’s listed a vehicle on your local Craigslist in 10 hours. Your favorite car websites haven’t published anything in—gasp—25 minutes. Twitter is garbage anyway and you’d rather not check it.

But fear not, friends. There’s a new, exciting internet activity to occupy your time: searching race tracks that are for sale. It just as fun as scrolling through car listings, except it’s completely impractical and totally out of your budget.


Actually, that sounds a lot like scrolling through car listings.

Anyway, CarScoops posted on Wednesday about a three-eighths-mile Florida dirt track listed for just under $800,000 on a commercial real-estate website called LoopNet. The listing said the property comes with $400,000 worth of equipment and an on-site apartment with four bedrooms, making it kind of a steal as far as the prices of race tracks go.

That wasn’t the exciting part about it all, though, since most of us can’t exactly pull $800,000 out of our pockets upon seeing a race track listed online. The cool part was the realization that all of the race tracks we probably shouldn’t buy are listed alongside all of the crapcan cars we probably shouldn’t buy, right here on the wide, wide web. (This was, in fact, one of those “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” realizations. Thanks for asking.)

All you have to do is pop “race track” into the advanced search feature on the website, and you’re free to dream about all of the likely business failures—or the solo track sessions—you’d have if you went ahead and bought one. There are even a few sale listings we recognize.

Image: LoopNet

Sure, we’re all just setting ourselves up for failure by scrolling through multi-million-dollar race tracks we can’t afford and probably wouldn’t want to learn how to operate successfully anyway. But it’s fun to dream, and diving deep into a rabbit hole of learning about random tracks for sale is a good way to pass the time while every other website is letting you drown in your own boredom. You just have to fend for yourself sometimes, you know.


And, of course, if you end up buying one of these tracks as your own private lap facility, remember who gave you the idea to look them up in the first place.

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