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Over the summer, I had a white 2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante for one glorious weekend. I spent it driving around Brooklyn, took it to mini golf and then brought it back home to show my dad. Here are the photos from that weekend that I never got around to posting.

There are some cars that photograph better than others. I can’t tell you exactly what makes a car photogenic and what doesn’t, but it helps if the car is pretty to begin with. Little details that make it stand out are also helpful. The Aston, thankfully, photographs extremely well.

I had my long lens with me that day (a 70-200mm) so I was very adamant about taking full advantage of it. It also required me to stand about a quarter of a mile away from the car, so at least I got some exercise in, too.

And then we moved locations and what did we find? A wonderful, yellow Dodge Viper. I was immediately in love. I was also surprised about how much bigger the Aston was.

Appropriate signage is always fun to include in a photo.

And then we found a big puddle to use for some reflections.

Also pictured: Behind-the-scenes shots with Justin Westbrook. He graciously volunteered to get his shoes and socks wet for the photo.

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