Screenshot via Marchettino on YouTube
Screenshot via Marchettino on YouTube

As fun as Formula One and Formula E can be, they’re still missing that little something special from the glory days of F1 racing. The ear-numbing scream of the cars, namely. As times are getting stressful, it’s nice to reflect back on the days of screaming V12 racing to let off some steam.

Here’s a video of five different Ferrari Formula One racing cars, which the video description lists as the 312 B3 Spazzaneve from 1972, 312 B3/74 from 1974, F1-89 640 from 1989, 643 from 1991, and F92A from 1992, which were in attendance at the 2018 Minardi Day trackday at Imola race track.


Channel your inner V12 and shout among your peers. Be free.

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