Scout II Down On The Copenhagen Street, With Bonus Saab 96

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Of all the vehicles you expect to see parked on the street in Copenhagen, a late-70s IHC Scout II is probably way down near the bottom of the list. Yet Kim of Copenhagen has spotted this '78 or '79 Scout II on Oehlenschlægergade Street. As an added bonus, we get one of the meanest-looking Saab 96 survivors in the world. Jump away to see all the photos and read Kim's description.

Econoboxes like Seats and Ladas rule my in-the-process-of-being-gentrified Copenhagen neighbourhood of Vesterbro, but a few interesting cars live here too. Like the International on the attached picture. Please note a few days' worth of parking tickets on the windshield. The CH sticker on the back is for Switzerland, but the license plates are Danish. 'Oehlenschlægergade' street name trivia: In the old days city cops were hired more on the basis of their girth (200 lbs. minimum) rather than their spelling skills, so to make it easier writing the police report, people about to be arrested would be dragged over to the parallel street 'Saxogade' before the arrest was made official.
It was right under my nose (figuratively speaking) and literally right under my apartment window; my upstairs neighbour's SAAB 96. It may look like crap, but seeing that the mechanicals are in top shape, it consistently sails right through the fairly tough bi-annual Danish car inspection. I borrow it regularly, and have gotten used to the approving howls from local punk rockers, when they see it coming down the street. Car taxes in Denmark are pretty high, ensuring that a car that costs 10K in the US wil cost 25-30K here. So people hang on to their old cars much longer than elsewhere in Europe - though for obvious reasons you see more Volvos and SAABs that have survived, than - say - Fiats and Simcas.


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@mr.chophoppers: The green Saab emblem colour wasn't exactly 'chosen': Some idiot walked down the street one night and painted everybody's var emblems green.