Illustration for article titled ​Schumacher Could Use A Mouth-Controlled Wheelchair In A Few Weeks

The latest report about Michael Schumacher's recovery has the seven-time F1 champ communicating with his family by blinking, and possibly returning home this summer where he may be capable of using a mouth-controlled wheelchair.

Schumacher, who was involved in a skiing accident last December, spent several months in a coma, and is still rehabilitating in Lausanne, Switzerland. According to a report by FoxSports, he's been communicating with his family by "fluttering his eyelashes" and doctors at the hospital are hoping that he could use a mouth-controlled wheelchair "within a few weeks."


Schumacher's wife Corinna set up a medical center at their home in anticipation of his return, and recently wrote a letter to fans thanking them for their support and saying that the "hardest time" is over.

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