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Sbarro Autobau: The Ugliest Car We've Ever Seen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This grotesque mish-mash of automotive design themes is the Sbarro Autobau — a "tribute" to Swiss racing driver Fredy Lienhard. We assume the designer hates him because this is truly the ugliest car we've ever seen.

We've seen some ugly cars in our time, but today marks some good news for Japan's Mitsuoka Orochi, which is now no longer the ugliest car in the world. Now it's just the second ugliest.


That's because the most shocking debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show wasn't the hybrid super cars or the bevy of crossovers. Rather it was this one-off concept car built by eccentric designer Franco Sbarro.


Let's take a look at why this beast is so stunningly horrible on the eyes. Starting from the front (or at least what we think is the front), the Autobau looks like an early prototype of a Cylon Raider so frightening even homicidal robots were forced to change it for fear of getting the heebie-jeebies. Moving backwards there's a windshield so flat it's unlikely anyone over the age of six will be able to see through it.

Along the sides the design incorporates Lamborghini Gallardo cutlines through the windows, which alone would look good. Unfortunately, the designer slapped a set of windows on behind the passenger cockpit making it look absolutely revolting. And the clamshell-like way in which it opens to swallow driver and passenger? Hideous.


And the rear end? We'll let you know if we find one. The car essentially ends with an overhang so gigantic anything over a four-degree incline will cause the Autobau to get stuck. According to the creator, there's a Ferrari V12 engine stuffed in the back of the car producing 500 HP — power you'll need to escape anyone with a camera.