Say Hello To The Inspirational, Feel-Good Side Of Russian Dash Cams

When you think Russian dash cams, you think of low flying fighter jets, random gunfire, and cows spilling out of trucks. We see so much of it that we think this is normal in Russia. But for all the weird, there is even more good that occurs. Here's a feel-good compilation to start your weekend.


Sure, some of the stuff in this video is still crazy (Why is a small child just wandering in the middle of a busy road?!), but the cameras show off what a normal day is probably like in Russia.

Men help the elderly cross streets. Strangers clear off taillights covered with snow. A man singlehanded lifts a Lada to get it out of a jam.

Good to see Russia isn't all logs destroying cars at stop signs and cops crashing into bus stops.

(Hat Tip to Automatch!)


Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

Stupid Arrival of the Birds, making me all allergic to everything all of a sudden...

I got to spend a week or so in St. Petersburg when I was 17, and I can confirm that there is a great respect and deference for the babushkas, elderly widows, and that stopping to help them cross the street is as common as it seems in this video. If you're riding the train and a "grandmother" boards, you're giving up your seat, no questions asked. Russians definitely get some things right.